Anonymous asked: I started watching the all day Will and Grace marathon. Was the show canceled before she had her baby? I am confused

Wait, she who? Grace? Below the cut is more but it’s a semi-spoiler (in case someone doesn’t want to see).

Also, the show wasn’t “canceled” mid-air. It finished. So the last episode is a very definitive end to the entire series, if that helps/makes sense. (It’s also heart breaking — bring tissues.)

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Anonymous asked: Do you know of a gif where karen sort of falls/feints becasue she sees someone attractive?

Anonymous asked: Artist of male portrait in living room?

frankumberbatch asked: Would there be any chance of a reunion episode? I miss Karen :(

Anonymous asked: Has anyone else noticed the similarity between the show Will and Grace and the show Laverne and Shirley. Will is Shirley, Grace is Laverne. Jack is Squiggy, Karen is Lenny. Sqiggy has unrequited love for Shirley. Jack had unrequited love for Will. Lenny is unable to make anythong happen with Laverne. Karen is unable to make anything happen with Grace. Both shows use the scene where a character suddenly walks through a door when others are talking with a lot of negative adjectives describing him

myevilregal asked: Do you have any other Will and Grace blog recommendations I should follow? I'd especially love Karen Walker/Megan Mullally themed ones.

Anonymous asked: where does karen walker live?

perksofbeingablog asked: have you got any screencaps or GIFs of season 5 episode 23-24? :)

Well, for starters, try!

Anyone else have any other ideas?

fuck-yeah-im-not-straight asked: finally found a blog of my favorite sitcom... I Love It

Anonymous asked: Does anybody know the name and the artist of that male portrait that's featured in both Will & Grace's living room and in Louis's living room on Partners?

Anonymous asked: Hi there! Youtube's home and design channel SPACEStv debuted a new show this week called "Only in Reel Life," a series that profiles iconic sitcom apartments and shows how real life character counterparts actually live. The premiere episode tours the Brooklyn apartment of Megan Domilo, a red-headed interior designer--aka the "real life" Grace Alder from Will & Grace. Let me know if this is of interest for coverage and I can send you the link!

lnbii asked: The portrait in the most recent episode of Partners is in fact the same photo from Will & Grace

sassasaurus asked: Re: the portrait in Will & Grace's apartment; I've never seen Partners, but I do know that Max Mutchnick donated that set to Emerson College (where it takes up a ton of space in their library), and that portrait, or at least a copy, is there as well! Funny to grow up watching the show and then see that exact living room in your school's library, but there you go.

Thank you thank you!

Anonymous asked: Is the portrait of the man that was in W&G's apt the same portrait in Louis's apt in the TV show Partners?

I’m not sure, actually. I haven’t had time to watch Partners yet, it’s sitting on my DVR. might know! Sorry :/